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Friday, April 22, 2011

Jackets, and Leather, and Sexy OH MY

Heyy Guys,

So i finally got my computer back into my capable hands. As some of you may or may not know, I was without a computer for about a week. I was seriously board to tears, all i really did was school, hanging out with friends, and watched TV. That might sound like a productive week, but believe me, I was sooooo board. So to get my spirits back into SL, I went on a spending spree and now broke. So lets see what I spend my well earned lindens on...

I was looking through the March issue of KULT Magazine and stumbled across one of the most memorable pieces from my favorite musician, Lady Gaga's, Alejandro music video. Its the head piece she wears at the beginning of the video. The Ladies Who Lunch Bakery have been making some of the more harder-to-find pieces from her music videos like the faux polar bear rug/coat and the razor glasses from the beginning of the Bad Romance video.

I also found some leather pants with some stylish zippers on the tights. To top off this avant garde/street look, I added an asymmetrical black leather jacket. I added some heels heels to give it my signature style.

Hope you like it

Headpiece: [LWL] Alejandro Headress Display
Skin: ;GP; Swan [Dark] Jasmine Tangerine 2
Jacket: *COCO*_BlackLeatherJacket
Leather Pants: [LWL] UNISEX Sex Legging
Heels: Ash's Trash / Nightmakers Black

I'm Just A Holy Fool,

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