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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Heyy Guys,

The newest collection, -Safari-Back To Nature, is now available at FINESMITH.

The Back to Nature Collection is a creative and new phase in the way Yula creates her pieces.  Kind of like a statement pieces, but as a collection.  Comprised in this set, are a couple of new and inventive pieces like the pipe and helmet; which is a piece I have come to love.  There are also the popular matching earrings and necklaces.

The usage of textures in this collection really makes the look and feel of what it's named come alive. Especially the weaved texture in the helmet and also the necklace's claw pieces.  

There are also a secondary pair of earrings in the collection that allows the wear to change the color/texture of the earrings.  Also, there is a collar that allows of a color/texture change menu too.  There are two bracelets that come in the set as well.  Kind of completes an all-around look with these additional pieces.

Overall, I think we should all got back to nature, live with the organic life that feeds up and lays way to our ever present destiny.  When you wear this collect, any pieces of this collection; you will awaken the beast inside of you.  The questions is...



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