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Thursday, July 22, 2010


A couple of days ago i ventured to a new store recommended to my by one of my friends. She said that they sell grunge/boho/classy type of clothing. She knew me so well bc that is the kind of style i love for my female avatar. When i got the LM to Tyranny Design, my initial recation was awe, just play awe. The store was custom built for the owner, Tyr Rozenblum. Its very modern with an old fashion flair, if you will.

Tyr clothing totally remind me of like New York. Just the eclectic clothing styles and shape of the clothing scream WEAR ME!! One of my favorite piece of clothing she had is called BoHo Love, its a floor length bohemian inspired dress. Some of her other clothing are modern and punky like another one of my favorites. It's a mini-skirt mixed with suspenders and a white shirt underneath. It has lil skulls on it also, which is just so cute.

Below I have some of my favorite clothing from her store, enjoy =)

Outfit - Tyranny D. {A'shore} - Twilight

Outfit - Tyranny D. {Summer Fling}

Top - Tyranny D. {Cropped Tanks}

Jeans - Tyranny D. {Class act in denim} - Brown

Outift - Tyanny D. {Boho Love} - Cooper

Outfit - Tyranny D. {Classless} - Violet

Also, here is the SLurl to her place:


rah rah,


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