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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sorry that ive been negeticing this blog, ive been in school for a couple of weeks so ive been getting use to it all over again soooo....yeah but i hope two for the one blog will make it up...

First off, i have this so cute pink jacket i got from this great little building...Its called the Dressing Room, they have uber cheap cute clothing form many of the best designers around. What drew me to this jacket was the shoulders that stick out. I really think it adds a avant garde look to it. To add to this look, i have hair that is longer in the front shorter in the back..think it as a modern reverse female mullet LOL.

Hair - TRUTH Cyndi

I also got this open chest sweater at The Dressing Room. This is a Beige sweater with a glove layer to give it the look of an oversized sweater. What i like about this sweater is that fact that i can put an undershirt on under the sweater. This look is very netural and if you wanted to add color just pop on a colorful undershirt or try the Khaki color sweater, its more a green hue to it.

Hair - TRUTH Cyndi

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