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Saturday, November 20, 2010



What has been happening with you guys?? Well for me alot has been going on. I just had one of mu first official fashion shows on Thursday. It was for YDEA clothing. My look was called "Lady". It was like a one button-up brown top with cream pants. It came with sunglasses and earrings, but I added names, blonde hair in a pony tail, and calf-high boots. The show wasn't a normal fashion show either, it was in a club setting where each model would go up on a stage they had and did 8-10 poses. I actually had a lot of fun doing it.

Besides thats, I might get to be a model in the adopt-a-family at Christmas show in December. It's be put together all by Lacie Beningborough. I actually was in her modeling academy, Catalyst of Fantasy, before she closed it down. So thats how first heard of Lacie, but then I heard about her show shes doing by my friend and Modeling instructor Glitter Bolissima. She is such an amazing person and great friend. She too is in the adopt-a-family modeling show. So I really hope we both get to be in the actual show.

(If you would like to donate to this amazing charity, please contact Lacie Beningborough)

But i digress, this post is about my new look, thanks to Ms. Bolissima. My new shape is looking more Icelandic/Asian, which i am in love with. I also have changed the hair to be more red (ginger) lol and darker colors. But i still have the blonde hair, which i love love love. Most of the clothing and skin i have now are from the best store in the grid, The Dressing Room. This place has some of the best designers in Second Life, what happens is that these designers will give TDR an item of clothing, outfit, jewelry, hair, skin, anything really and TDR will sell the item for under 70L. Yes, you can get a well quality skin for under 70L. I couldnt believe it, this skin i have now comes with make-up tattoos, hairbases, and cleavage enhancer.

I know this was a lot for a post, but I wanted to talk about what i've been up to, whats has changed in my life, fashion wise, and modeling oppurtunities that I hope i get to see through.

[SOOOOO apparently I cant load my picture up here right now, so if you wanna see the picture, go to my flickr. Just click on the left side of the page.]

Earings - [ glow ] studio GLAM earrings
Necklass - LaGyo_Papilio necklace
Tatto - Ash's Trash / Born This Way Tattoo
Eyelashes - **irresistble Look Eyelashes**
Eyes - :: Exodi :: LM Tropico Series - Ocean Blue
Hair - >TRUTH< Cady - ginger (auburn)
Skin - [dekade.] Skins -Claire- sinkisses
Heels - [ glow ] studio - classic Pumps Basil
Skirt - *Fishy Strawberry* Porcelain Ruffled Skirt - Tweed
Top - Tyranny D. {taking it easy Tops} eggshell

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