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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Soon To Be Released @ blackLiquid

Hey Guys,

There is alot of buzz around the soon to be open blackLiquid store.  I have been blogging some of her stuff, that she will be selling at her store, for the last couple of weeks now.  Now, i have another makeup piece to share with you guys.  It is called "TAE" eye makeup.

You might be thinking, "Hey, Isnt that a HUGE coinencidence that your name is Tae, and there is a set named "TAE" as well?"  Well, this piece was actually named after me hehe.  I am truely honored to have a piece of art that black, aka my mommy, named after me.  So obviously I will have to blog it, dah.

The TAE eye makeup is in a sequence of a rainbow.  You know ROY G BIV...hehe.  This eye makeup can also be wore on men as well as women.  So when blackLiquid store opens, you will need to stop by and pick up this psychedelic eye makeup.

And if you are a die hard makeup addict, like me.  It will be sold in Fan Shopping Chat Edition 10

SLurl here


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