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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: [LWL] Deconstructed Jumper

Hey Guys,

Culture Shock is in full swing, and what a treat I have for you guys.  Ladies Who Lunch has been producing some very amazing mesh creations; but no other tops the Deconstructed Jumper.

The Deconstructed Jumper is exactly what the name entails.  The garment looks to be in the midst of it's own deconstruction with pieces of yarn falling off and swaying in the wind.  I think just the idea of this outfit is amazing.  Who else would think of a tattered jumper made of yarn?

I love the sleeveless sleeve...OXYMORON I KNOW!!! but that the only way i can explain it haha.  Its a sleeve, but it dosnt attach to the jumper itself.  And its not a glove because it end at the wrists.  So its a sleeveless sleeve.


Each of the jumpers either comes in a different color, or comes in a different color with a corresponding print on the front of it.  For example, that jumper I'm wearing has the Oatmeal with Horse version of the jumper.

There are also;
  • Charcoal with Eagle 
  • Heather with Tiger
  • Pale with Rose 
  • Purple with Cross
Like I said too, the jumper do come in just the colors without the prints on the front.

These are only available at Culture Shock as of right now, so you better get over there before it's to late.  Remember, 10% of all the items at the Ladies Who Lunch Outfit @ Culture Shock will go towards the 
Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).  


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