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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bullying Needs To Stop

For the last couple of weeks, recent innocent young people who are gay have committed suicide to get away from the hurtful and unnecessary bullying by people they know and who think that what they are is wrong. I am here to tell you there is nothing wrong with loving a man if your a man or loving a woman if your a woman.

These young people have had to put up with so much bullying and ridicule that they thought the only way out was to die. I am here to say that is the absolute wrong thing to do. It gets better my friends, it truly does. Bullying someone who is out and proud of who they are, makes me sick. What give that person the right to torture and humiliate someone just because of who they love. If someone's life is different then their own, that doesnt make them targets, they are just different.

What I am doing to support this is just getting the information out and acting on the behalf of people who are being bullied. I will give you one instance where I, myself was bullied in second life. I was with some friends are a beaches in on the grid. This sim just happened to be a gay beach only. Now I was a girl at the time that I was there, so where the other people I was with. As soon as we teleported in, we were ridiculed and spammed with messages saying get out of our sim, we dont want you here. After all this spamming and ridicule, we were ejected out of the sim by the sim owner or someone who has the power to eject.

How can gay people discriminate against fellow gay men just because we were dressed as girls. How wrong is that? How can they stand up for equality when they themselves discriminate against gay people. That just made no sense to me at all, dose it to you?

Whether here in the virtual world, or out on the streets of RL, support needs to be shown in preventing this from happening more and more. Just knowing that someone, like you, is out there makes everything alot better.

Heyy, My name is Taylor Wassep and I am gay and I play second life sometimes as a girl. That dosnt make me less of a man or human in any way. :)


(Writing a message like this to show support, or doing it another way here in Second Life, could really reach out, and help prevent all this from happening. So if you have time and can show support wherever or however, please do)


  1. Thank you for starting this campaign awareness in SL. Bravo.

  2. Thank you, but i must give credit where credit is due, I got the idea from Editorial Clarity, he send out a notice. But thank you anyways.