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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FINESMITH: Yeriak Inspiration Set

Hey Guys,

So here is yet another brilliant inspirational set that is inspired by Yeriakth Couturier now available at FINESMITH.  This set is soooooo colorful, I LOVE IT...I think i might have to break my vow to wear neutral colors and bring more colors into my styling.

The Yeriak Set is a culmination of earrings, neckpiece, lashes, mustache, bracelet, and nails.  Each and ever pieces is beaming with color and styling all in one shot.  I think the jeweled mustache is such a interest piece to bring into the Yeriak Set.  Its something that is new to FINESMITH and i like it.

I like that Yula gave the choice to color certain aspects of each piece in the set.  I think color blocking in this set is key to show off the intricate pieces at their best.

The Yeriak Set is yet another burst of color that is bring FINESMITH into Spring.


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