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Saturday, March 3, 2012

GizzA: Valentino Inspiration

Ciao Tutti,

I have a special treat for you all.  GizzA Creations has created yet again another stunning creation inspirited by someone or some brand...

The Valentino Inspiration outfit is such a cute ensemble.  The bottom portion seems to be pants with a lot material used to give the illusion of a tight fish-tail styled outfit.  This kind of pant is starting to be uber popular and i hope it stick around.  I absolutely go crazy for this pant.

The belt is a gold design that sits lower on the empire waist.  

The top of the outfit is strapless with the same fringe material that is used in the bottom section of the dress.

The overall silhouette of the outfit is gorgeous, I cannot wait to put some milage in this outfit.  Along with the other two colors that this comes in.  Both in Beige and TerraCotta.  

Ciao xoxo,

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