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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Group Gifts - FINESMITH

Howdy Guys,

Yula has graciously brought out, as gifts, to her faithful members, three sets of jewelry that were previously given as gifts are various places and occasions.

This first gift is from last July.  It was given the name of "Molecular".  Most likely from its appearance to look like molecules and string that connect those molecules.  In two eye-popping colors of teal and purple; you can't go wrong in this beautiful set.

You might remember this sandy set back when FINESMITH was in the Ancient Egypt Fair in association with GLANCE Agency.  This gift was available during that time and is now back for you all to get.  Dubbed "NQADA", this four piece set come with some of the key colors used in ancient Egypt.

Last, but not least, the Welcome Gift that was given to all the member after FINESMITH moved to it's present location on the blackLiquid Sim.  This complete dress with adorning necklace will make any fashionista who doesn't possess this jealous.

Each and every one of these gifts are exclusively available to only the FINESMITH group members.  So hurry up and get these three stunning gifts while they are available.


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