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Saturday, November 26, 2011



Hey Guys,

So just like the title says, Wintertime is here and now.  That means FINESMITH will be releasing more winter-theme sets and pieces.  One such set would be the Snowflake Set.  Which of course is inspired by pieces and sections of pieces of a snowflake that has landed on your body.

The Snowflake Set comes with four pieces:  A pair of earrings, a necklace, a ring, and a bracelet.  Each signifying a snowflake in some kind of way.  The necklace being the most reminiscent of a snowflake.  The earrings remind me of a single snowflake that was broken in half; each ear has a half.

The ring looks like a segment of a snowflake.  Such a cute little idea to place a segmented snowflake on the index finger.  Just so so cute.

The bracelet would, of course, be a section of a snowflake.  It appears to be twisting around the wrist; kind of like it was falling.  Then it landed on your wrist.  Just like the ring, this bracelet idea with the snow section is very cute.

Overall, This is a must have set.  There are eight different sets: Pink, Sky, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Gold, Black, and Bronze.  You can also buy the fatpack of these colors; which would be just one set with a color changing menu in it.  The set I am wearing would be the Platinum set.  So get your frost bitten little bottoms over to FINESMITH and pick up this set to welcome the holiday season in.

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