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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hey Guys,

So i got ahold of some very stylish and very new Shoe.  Some might ask,"Wow Taylor, where did you get such beautiful shoes"?  Well quiet simply they are from FINESMITH.  Yes, the Jewelry maker has now gone from Jewelry to Dresses, to now Shoes.

These shoes, better yet, ankle heels; come in just four different looks.  

The first picture would be the plain heels.  These heels just have the basic texture and colors on them.  I doubt you could find a color not available in the color you want.  

The second heel would be the plain heel with one of two interesting toe adornment.  This adornment has prongs sticking up from the front and the back.  These, like the rest, come in different patterns and colors.  

The third picture would be the patterned ankle heels.  These heels just have no adornments, but has patterns on them.

The fourth and last picture would be the second kind of adornment that you can get with these heels.  The adornment is only on the front and comes with some very dramatic, yet beautiful colors and textures.

The best news is still to come...like right now.  ALL PLAIN ANKEL HEELS ARE ONLY 200L FROM NOW UNTIL MONDAY.  As a kind of Black Friday Deal, you hurry up and get your little hands on these gifts from Santa...I mean Yula haha.

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