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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Nails and Heels @ FINESMITH

Hey Guys,

The Holiday Season is in full swing and with that.  FINESMITH has put out another Holiday couple of pieces.

In this holiday gift pack, that is for members only.  There are two pieces that I believe you will thurally enjoy.  The first being a pair of green, white, and red ankle heels.

These ankel heels have a green side with some red and white winter-themed floral decorations.  Then the texture gradualy changes and goes from green, to white, to a dark red.  These ankle heels are just perfect to show of your Christmas Spirit when you are strutting it on the runway, or just down the street.

Last, but not least; the painted holiday nails.  To match the ankle heels, these nails come in the same array of colors.  There are accommodating rings on different fingers on each hand.  So these nails definetally tally give that flair that you are looking for at any time this season.


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