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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

back to black: blackLiquid makeups and accessories

Hey Guys,

I am lucky enough to get my greedy little hands on the exclusive back to black blogger platform LM.  As I was looking around the hovering platform, my eyes fell upon this lovely set of lips accompanied by a matching hat and pair of pony boots.

"So obviously," I thought to myself, "I have to blog these; I mean come on...PONY BOOTS."

Let's start with the five different lips you can find at the back to black kiosk of blackLiquid.  If you click on the actual picture above, you will see the names of each set of lips and what they look like...I absolutely love all five of them.   They kind of remind me of like the seductive colors one would use to represent Valentine's Day lol.

If you are feeling uber lazy and don't feel like clicking on the above photo...here is a list of the five lips in order from left to right.
  • black cherry
  • blood
  • kabuki red
  • pinot
  • vixen
The next two pieces that I want to blog are the matching hat and pony boots from blackLiquid.  Now, for those who do not know what pony boots are, they are simple boots that are in the shape of a horse's...or pony's hooves.

The defining theme in this entire set would be the differently shaded hearts that appear on the tops of the front of the boots and the sneaky one that is on the ankle portion of the boots as well as the hearts on the lips and the hearts that are on top the hat.  They are to be in ascending order for smallest to largest.  There is also a progression of the shaded heart too.  They are in ascending order, from lighter pink to darker pink.

Overall, this entire collection that blackLiquid has created for the back to black event is astounding, I really cannot wait to see what else comes from this elegant brand.


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