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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: [LWL] Hautepack Moto (Twig)

Hey guys,

For this post, i got ahold of some of the newest items in the Spring Collection from the one and only Ladies Who Lunch.

Before I start with this blog, can I just say how cute I look.  Like come on, seriously look at the helmet and the outfit and the blue going on.  I feel like I'm from some kind of megaman universe or something.  Anyways. . ..

This entire outfit, not including the heels, came from the Hautpack Moto (Twig) pack that is now available.  There are five-six different outfits that include three individual pieces.

The helmet, Scooter Helmet in black leather.  In the Hautepack, the helmet comes with the blue coloring on it already.  There is actually a HUD that you can use and change a lot of different variables on the helmet including the studs on it and the helmet color itself.

The Classic Leotard is the next piece in the pack, the shoulder pad make me DIE each time I see then on me.  I literally die and is reborn from the ashes I left behind, but then I die again and the cycle repeats itself.  Its that serious guys, great leotard right here.

Last, but not least, the Opaque Tights and the other option; Tulip Tights.  The only different between the to pairs of tights would be that the Tulip Tights have tulips printed in the tights.

The other Hautepacks at LWL all come with this kind of nude coloring, except for a white set that is available as well.

To complete the look, I added the blackLiquid MAKEUPS Blue Jeans Matte lips and Blue Glitter Eyeshadow.  For the heels, they are also from LWL; the Escarpa Boots in Electric.


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