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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Geisha Who Lunches

Hey Guys...

Being the super sneaky secret ninja that I am, I got ahold of some new pieces in the Spring Collection that will be available tonight at Ladies Who Lunch.

In the above photo, I'm wearing the Hautepack Duos pack obviously named, Poppies Paradise.  In this pack, there are two sets of outfits, with complimentary shoes and belts of each look.

Each piece in this set are uberly cute, I mean come one.  The tight pencil skirt, that happens to be mesh; so its super snug on the body.  

The belts comes in three different versions.  The only difference between each belt would be the metallic coloring.  You can choose from gold, silver, and copper.

I think the cutest piece in this hautepack, would be the heels.  I love the floral pattern on them, which mind you match the pencil skirt.  But also the way the heels look with the foot bent a bit more, just makes it look more unique the other heels out there.

A quick note that I wanted to add about the LWL Spring Collection, it will be opened up tonight after the show.  Also, the collection at the mainstore will be 10% store credit reward for group tag wearers until Sunday.

After that, the store credit will go down to 5%.

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