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Friday, January 21, 2011

SL Art Couture KULT

Hey Guys,

So today i got the dream IM of my life. I am now part of SL Art Couture...AHHHHH. I dont think could properly describe them in my own words, so here is theirs.

SL Art Courture - KULT

Our goal is to find and deliver new ways to promote and showcase all creations related to lifestyle and fashion, by using all medias and possibilities the virtual world offers.

We are lucky to have the most professional and known people on the grid working for and with us .

Exclusivity and quality are our biggest priority.

If you have a special request, we can fulfill your wishes.

Fashion show productions , tv shows, videotaping, tv and radio spots, graphical services are only a few examples of the many services we offer.

We are releasing different types of magazines and lookbooks regularly.

We are holding competitions and award shows.

In case you are interested in any of our services or want to advertise in any of our media productions, please feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards

The Team of SL Art Couture

Now, you might be wondering; "Taylor, where do you fit in here?" Well quiet simply, I am an assistant to the Marketing Managers of SL Couture - KULT. What I'm responsible for is find the best club, nightclub, discos in SL and ask to see if we could put our kiosk in you area. If you are a club, nightclub, or disco owner. Please IM me in-world, TAYLOR WASSEP, for further information and a kiosk for your area.

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