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Thursday, September 1, 2011

55L Skirts @ F i n e S m i t h

Hey Guys,

Yula has releases these uber cute skirts for the 55L Thursday Sale at F i n e S m i t h.  There are only six skirts that are in this sale.  And what six skirts they are.

FINESMITH - Adva skirt Lagune

FINESMITH - Adva skirt Orange

FINESMITH - Adva skirt Green

FINESMITH - Adva skirt White

FINESMITH - Adva skirt Wine

Now, you might recognize these from an earlier release of the welcoming gift that Yula put out when she moved the F i n e S m i t h flagshop.  These skirts are very flatter to the body and will give anyone who wears it a pop of shine and style.


*sidenote, there are six colors available and there are also six layers to these skirts... HOLOGRAPHIC!

**sidesidenot, there is a purple skirt as well, but i couldtn get it to load properly.  But just trust me when i say that is is just a beautiful as the other skirts.

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