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Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Hair from [LeLutka]

Hey Guys,

I know it has been a long time since I last blogged, but there werent as many releases this week.  :(  Luckly for me, that has changed with the release of three distinct hair styles that come from the one and the only, LeLutka.

This hairstyle was given the name "Bonjour" as in the French word for hello.  And Hello indeed, this iconic french hair style gives a little bit of chic-ness with the bow and the puffy bob.  This bow also have three color textures that can change: Black, Navy, and Red.  Cette coiffure est juste tout autour mignonne et amicale pour ce regard européen que n'importe qui pourrait tirer de.   

This hairstyle is given the name "2358", I'm not to sure about that name, but i really am digging this whole thing.  The tattered headband give this a feel of a hippy/rebal chick.  The length of this hair also plays a key role in this hippy/rebal look.  Its so rebal and rocker to have shoulder length hair.  The fray might have started, but this hairstyle will live forever.

Last, but not least, this hairstyle is given the name "Victoria".  I have been waiting to find a long long hair style from LeLutka for quiet some time now.  I am just oogling over this hair, its fresh, its cute, and its super IN right now.  You can actually not have the length if you dont want to.  The bottom sections can be detached since it is a separate hair attachment.  Im sure any girl would love to own this fresh and cute hairstyle.


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