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Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Skin Releases from [BLUSH]

Hey Guys,

So I was lucky enough to get ahold of the new skin release, Elle, from the fabulous skin designer, [BLUSH].  There are two sections of this skin, tan and style. What I really love about each of the skins in the two sections is that they have a realist effect on them.  It kind of the makes the skins more realistic then just painted on  The skins also has a proper shading done to make the realistic skins more detailed.

From Top Left to Right: A Touch of Nostalgy, Almost Angelical, Bella Donna, Colored Kisses
Nude w/HB, Nude w/o HB, Party with Me, Peach Baby, 
Pinky Cheeks, Touch of Gold, Vivd Joy

This first section is the "[BLUSH] Elle Style".  The skin is fair colored with a unique makeup to each skin.  I have shown each and the skins with the hairbase on and only one skin with the hairbase on.

*the only non-hairbase skin in this group is the nude skin.

From Top Left to Right: Alegria, Apassionata, Bonita, Feeling Fantastic
Impossible Lips, La Folie, Le Blue Chic, Midnight Shine
Nude w/o HB, Nude w/ HB, Shiny Glance  

This next section is called "[BLUSH] Elle Tan Style", which if you havent guessed yet; it has tan skin.  With this section of the Elle skins, the make is much more natural and has a realistic effect to it.

*the only non-hairbase skin in this group is the nude skin.

Overall, I can see why each and every one of these skins are in high demand and you should prolly get right over to the [BLUSH] store and get yourself one of these amazingly beautiful and detailed skins fast.  And by fast, i mean like right now haha.

Oh wait, there is more.  In addition to all of these new Elle skins, there are also two new eyebrow colors that are avaliable.  You can choose between the blonde eye brows and red eye brows.

Either one that you choose, you will be a winner at.  So maybe you could get both and be a double winner.  #winning!


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