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Friday, September 23, 2011

New LeLutka Hair!!

Howdy Guys,

I was having kind of a sucky rl week this past week, so when I saw the notice for three new hairs by LeLutka...that sucky week did a 180, and turned into a great week.

The first one is called Jolie, and im pretty sure this is a super cute inspirtion of the hair style most popularized by the one Miss Angelina Jolie.  I've notice with two of these new releases, LeLutka was feeling a pulled back look for the hair styles.  I have been dying for some pulled back hair styles, it just give it more "face" in simple terms.  The extended hair, that lays over the left shoulder, is a separate prim so you can just have the hair hanging in the back if you don't want to deal with the hair on the shoulder.

This hairstyle is called "Melk", i think its like milk, but a with a fashion twist.  Or at least, that is what I'm gunna say hehe.  Just like the Jolie hair, Melk is pulled back.  But there is a bit of a bump in the front and the hair is shorter in the ponytail section.  Kind of going off topic, but this hairpiece comes with an alpha layer so that if you head is bigger then the recommend size for these hairpieces, you can just wearing (or add) the alpha layer and make any size head fit this hair...GENIUS.

Last, but not least, "Blythe"...again, i don't get the correlation to the name and hairstyle.  But you really dont need to because this hair is FULL AND BIG.  When i first saw this hair, i was totally thinking Heather Locklear and like 80's hair.  But Blythe is the modern, updated version of that hair style.  Super cute and super full, anyone will appreciate this hair for any event.


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