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Monday, December 12, 2011


I usually never post thing on here about drama or anything like that.  But I think it is time that i say something that has just happened to me as a result of speaking my mind and giving an opinion.

As many know, two people have started a campaign to publicly remind people of their rights in second life.  Within the week of this flickr post being posted, there are over 100 comments and over 2,400 views.  There is considerable hatred being spread on this flickr post that I find to be deplorable.  I have asked one of these individuals to please please please take down that flickr post.  And i received nothing back.

I then decided to give me two cents on the matter in the flickr post.  And what i get for a stating my opinions.  I can not longer give me opinion on this matter on that flickr.  And i think that is just rude and against my rights.  They claim that that post was created to share your opinions and voices.

"Taylor, people should be given a voice and they have a right to post their opinions.  
Just like you have your own opinion, you have to respect others as well.(http://www.flickr.com/photos/ricoracerflux/6282538776/in/photostream/page3/)".

Well guess what, i was stopped from giving my opinions and my voice was silenced in that flickr post.  So now I wanted to post here, on my own blog.  They claim that the post in question would give people a voice and to share their opinion.  But what has happened to me, i see it as they wanted to share voices and opinions only of people they share their same view on the matter.

So just think, if you speak your mind, and give your opinion.  Then guess what, these two individual will most likely silence you and not allow you to speak your mind on opinions that they don't share with you.  


  1. You had every right to say your opinions there Taylor, and I am sorry for you being blocked from doing so on it. However, It is not my flickr, and I can't control that. And as for taking the post down, At the end of the day, it is on someone elses flickr account, and that is the only person who can remove it.

    I am one of those 2 people involved in this, and what was supposed to be me sending a note inworld about an issue I don't agree with and voicing my opinion, along with my partner voicing too, it tunred into something I did not want. We have no hatred towards any brand in Second Life, we just saw an ongoing issue getting out of control and thought should come to and end. I have asked my partner to disable all comments on the flickr post now, because it is becoming a situation we didn't want.

    We just hope this issue can be resolved by these 2 designers and anyone else. I have talked to Gizza nearly every day at somepoint since this was sent inworld and flickr, and I have said over and over I have no hatred against them. Hence why I mentioned no names when I first sent the post. But yes, I agree with you that it has turned into something ugly that it shouldn't have...because that was not the intention at all.

  2. So much for freedom of speech which Rico so talked about during this whole mess.

    It appears as if "freedom" is ok if you agree with him, but not so much if you don't.

    The whole thread was gross, and I hated that they both still have it up there, eventhough they already got the models they needed.

    This is just a drama and eventhough they say it wasn't suppose to be that, then why is that thread still up there?

    Makes one wonder...