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Saturday, December 24, 2011

MVW Jewelry from FINESMITH Part Trois

Hey Guys,

Yes, there is a third part to these fab-o Miss Virtual World jewelry pieces form FINESMITH.  Today, we have the beautiful and exotic pieces coming all the way form Costa Rico and the Miss who reps this country, Laetitia Vella.

Representing such a beautiful and tropical county as Costa Rico cause sight for jewelry to match.  This four piece set comes complete with a necklace that is not closed.  Each end has the same shell object but one with an asymmetrical strands shooting out of it.  Of course there has to be matching earrings.  The real zinger would be the head piece that is that same shell object, but placed on the forehead with diamonds jetting up and back on the top of the head.

This Laetitia Collection comes in an array of different colors and shades so, really, you cannot say you can't the perfect pieces for what you're wearing.


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