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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shinobu In White

Hey Guys,

Sooo, this post is kind of of a double one. The first part kind of segways into the second one.  I wanted to say congratulations to Shinobu Istmal.  She was the winner of the FINESMITH MUSE 2012 contest.  Therefore, for the whole year of 2012, Miss Istmal will be the face of FINESMITH!!


One way I thought would be great to kind of celebrate her would to blog her inspiration piece, but if you look a couple of posts back you will see that I already blogged her pieces already.

What is that?
These pieces are different??
How so??

Well, this set, along with a couple of other sets were specially changed and redrafted by the hands of Yula just for this wintery and cold season.

This Shinobu set looks stunning in white and each pieces really can shine on its own with this wintery touch.  Each pieces was available for only 250L.  So if you want this set, and to check out the other sets. Head on down to FINESMITH...like right now.

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