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Thursday, December 29, 2011

MVW Jewelry from FINESMITH Part Cinq

Hey Guys,

For the fifth post in the Miss Virtual World series, i decided to blog the Miss Australia jewelry set made by of course, FINESMITH.  In addition to that, I have the national costume from GizzA.

Miss Australia, Rissa Friller, had this jewelry set inspired by The Great Barrier Reef.  In this set, there are multitude of pieces that create this marvoulous look.  There are matching ring and bracelet adorned with coral, shells, and other sea items one might find around.  In addiction to the those, were are turquous nails that are so very cute.  To top off this aquatic look, there are a pair of earrings with protruding coral and cascading aqua colored pieces moving down the neck.  

Overall, this set consists of soul and feel of the Great Barrier Reef.


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