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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Part Deux to BLANCO

Hey Guys,

As promised, this is the part two (or part deux) to the pervious BLANCO post.  If you haven't read that post yet...BLACNO is the name given to the winterized Noir set inspired by blackLiquid Tokyoska.

This time, i am blogging the collar, the second pair of earrings, the ring, and the umbrella.  Each of these would be perfect for that winter date night for sure.

BLANCO - Collar


BLANCO - Earrings02

BLANCO - Umbrella

In a few more days, winter will finally be here, and I'm sure you don't wanna be the last person on the grid to not have a single piece of the winterized pieces FINESMITH has created.  Each piece, including these ones and all the other winterized piece are all just 250L each.

So spend a little one that special someone you love and get them some FINEMSMITH Jewlery

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