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Tuesday, August 17, 2010



CheerNo Femme is here and i love love love it. Just look at this dress, who wouldnt love it. At the store, there were about five different dress to choose from. The only difference in dress was the belt color. There was also blue, red, pink, and yellow; but i think the green looks really good, dont you?

And these shoes, when i layed my baby blues on these high heel, they just scream LADY GAGA. So obviously i had to get them, spent all my money on this outfit, and i think it was well worth the sacrifice.

Hair - TRUTH Rayne - light blonde
Skin - REDGRAVE - beautiful tan
Dress - [CheerNo] Lucia Dress Green
High Heels - [CheerNo FEMME] Julia Shoes (Cod Gray)

rah rah,

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