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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rhude People

I know I know, this is a fashion blog, but i really want to say somethinga about what I have been observing. For the last couple of days I have been notice how rude some people can be in secondlife. For example (without saying names), a young man...mind you this person is older then me; so idk why i said young man. Anywho, this young man was standing infront of me. I have the emerald viewer so i can see avatars crosshairs and when the crosshairs move, that can be an indication that the there is someone there, right? Well i said hello to this person, three eff times and nothing comes out of his mouth, NOTHING.

Now you might think, "oh, you're prolly talking to a stranger".

No i wasn't, it was someone i know, or should i say someone I have talked to and am somewhat of a friend too. He still hasn't said anything to me...and he is moving around the area that I'm in. It just goes to show how some people in secondlife really are RHUDE.

P.S. if someone send you a group invite and that person asked before hand if it alright to send out a group invite, dont be a rude and in local type in all uppercase, DO NOT SEND ME AN ANONYMOUS GROUP INVITE. You could have instead IM that person and asked not to be sent a group invite.

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