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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3636 Designs Releases

Hello Everyone, 

One of my newest friends, one Miss Dianny3636 Aeon, is the designer and owner of 3636 Designs.  The premier avant garde hair store in SL.  I was lucky enough to get ahold of some of her newest hair pieces.


 What i love about this hair piece is that its like a big puffed up hairpiece.  I remember a lot of my friends in real life would be fooling around and grab their hair and push it in, and try to do this.  But Di deffentally went out of her way to make this looks so, fashionable.  Just remember; the bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus...Amen hehe


 This hair piece actually makes me think of the future.  Its very 3011, im gunna guess that people in the future will kill to have hair like this.  Im liking the hair accessory too, this holy hair piece kind of reminds me of the blue opera singer from the movie "The Fifth Element", btw that was my favorite section in the whole movie hehe.


The Luna hair piece is something that i like a lot because it reminds me my mother monster, Lady Gaga. The front part of it, is very 90 degree bangs that Gaga had when she first started out.  LOVE!  Then the back is more mechanical.  The gear in the hair is totally fantasy and I am all about fantasy.  This was one of my favorite hair pieces to shoot because it just got inspired by it.


Last, but not least the Violet hair piece.  This one is BIG, i had a hard time trying to fit all the hair in this shot.  Again, its very fantasy, very avant garde and very very in love with it.  There are three sections of hair that ver off with a forth one right behind the head hanging down.  

I'm going to marry the night,

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