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Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Releases From FineSmith Designs

Hey Guys,

Here are some new releases form FineSmith.


The first has been out for a couple weeks now, but I just got it and wanted to blog it ASAP... It's called TOPAZ. It's kind of like a flowery piece of jewelry with the flowers as the earrings and coming out of the head piece. There is a corset that goes along with this set. The TOPAZ Set has the color changeable menu in it so you can use all the many colors FineSmith gives in their pieces of jewelry. I just love this set so so much.


The next piece of jewelry is called Nameless. It is a face piece that attaches to the face, dah. It kind of futuristic in it's design. There is no color changing menu in it, but there really is no need to change the color of it. The feature I most like are the bolt-like pieces on the jeweler piece.  Overall, I really love these piece a lot and i cant wait to wear it out.

Ride Ride Pony Ride Ride,

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