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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Accessory Fair - FineSmith Releases

Hey Guys,

FineSmith Designs is apart of the 2011 Accessory Fair put on by GIA. FineSmith's Theme was geared toward Egypt...which, after seeing her pieces, became inspired. There were about five releases especially created for the Accessory Fair, but I only got two of the three. Here two of them are.

Nqada Fair Gift

This one was a free gift that FineSmith was giving out at the Fair. It is a four-piece set with a crown, a bracelet for each wrist, and a corset. This set is only has the resizable menu. But why would you want to change the beautiful textured pieces of jewelry in this set.

Queen Anubis Collection

This was my favorite piece from the Accessory Fair by FineSmith Designs. It is a massive head piece with the symbol of Anubis on the necklace and the headpiece. I love love love big pieces of jewelry, and this was right up my ally. Again, this set only has the resizable menu; again, why would you wanna change this textured set? I really do feel like the Queen of Egypt in this jewelry set.

I'm A Free As My Hair,

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