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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Even More Releases From FineSmith

*Gasping For Air*...I have even MORE Releases from FineSmith Designs...

Wired Couture

This release is called "Wired Couture". Its pretty much an outfit you can wear anywhere. It has three pieces: the necklace/shoulder piece, corset, and skirt. All three pieces are the full color changing menu used by FineSmith. This jewelry set also comes with clothing layers. So you can either wear these clothing layers or wear the jewelry set with something else. Very versatile and very couture.


These jewlery piece is not releases yet in FineSmith yet...so SHHHH. This is one of the first piece made by Yula Finesmith to use a more advanced version of the color changer menu. You can choose from dozens of preset colors, or create custom colors all your own. Now you might being things change the color on what? Well, this piece of jewelry is a headpiece. Its is a bunch for inspirited floral pieces combined to create this all around headpiece. Overall, a very new and unique jewelry piece that I'm sure will spread like wildfire.

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