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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10L Bracelets @ FineSmith Designs

Long Time No See,

Sorry I have been gone for sooo long.  I just have had a lot of styling and things happening in both my real life and second life.  But I am back and ready for action!  I am so glad to be coming back right when Yula Finesmith of FineSmith Designs releases three brillentally crafted bracelets that come in three eye popping colors: Black, Red, and White.

The Ktorne Masala August Specials are these floral patterned bracelets that are the length of the forearm.  The colors choose to be on these wonderful bracelets, are strikingly vivid and will really go the wearer an eye-popping outfit.  There is only a size-chaning menu that are in each of these pieces, but that is really all you need with these.  

Keep in mind, to purchase these bracelets, you will need to wear the "finesmith group tag".   

Ktorne Masala- black-augustspecials

Ktorne Masala- red-augustspecials

Ktorne Masala- white-augustspecials


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