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Friday, August 12, 2011

New Hair Releases @ LeLutka

Hey Guys,

I am so excited to say that LeLutka has release some new hair releases at LeLutka.  There are seven new hair pieces released.  I only bought two of the hair seven hairs right now.  I will do the other ones later. 


This first hair piece is so uber cute.  It kind of reminds my of Amy Winehouse's signature hairstyle; the beehive.  The hair piece comes in two separate prime, one is that actually beehive shape of the hair and the second prim is the ponytail section.  These can be worn separate or together, but I would recommend wearing them together.  Make it much cuter.  Once again, this hair has the roots showing.

Editorial01 + Editorial [Scarfs]

Now, this hair piece is very fashion forward, hence the name Editorial.  There were two hair pieces that were under the name editorial,, but i decided on this hair piece because of its volume and size.  The hair looks like it was froze while I shook my head around.  I am all around that messy fashion look.  There is also a hat that changes colors when click on it.  You can choose from white, black, or bright.  Bright being a yellow color.  

There is also these really long and flowing scarfs that go around the neck and waist.  The scarfs have the same color changing menu that the hat does on the Editorial hair pieces.  Then there are also three different belts that you received in the pack of scarfs.  Now, to remember that these belts cannot be changed simply by clicking on them.  You will need to switch out the belts and then change the scarf accordingly.  The belts come in three colors as well; black, white, and red.  


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