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Friday, August 26, 2011

Noir - blackLiquid Inspired Collection @ F i n e S m i t h

Hey Guys,

I was totally surprised to see yet another amazing set by Yula Finesmith.  This set was inspired by the beautiful and dark beauty that is known as blackLiquid Tokyoska.  This twelve piece collection is full contains two necklaces (one female and one unisex), two sets of earrings, a ring, bracelet, a magic wand, an umbrella, eye lashes, and a set of nails.  All crafted with such elegance and with the thought of the gothic ambiance that blackLiquid exudes.

This is also the first piece Yula has crafted for men since the move of F i n e S m i t h.  This means I need a male model to cover the unisex necklace.  I called upon my good friend Ru Larnia; and what a great job he did.

This is the unisex necklace that is in the Noir Collection.  With the rigid centerpiece combined with the metallic ringlets and the straighten blacken steel makes this necklace feminine and masculine culminated into one amazing necklace.

Here are a couple of the beautiful black steel pieces that are apart of the Noir Collection.  The necklace in this picture is the female necklace in the collection.  This necklace has a back section to it which the rigid centerpieces.  The nails in this collection also has the rigid factor on the tips.  Paired with blackened rings on each hand.  The Eye lashes are set on the bottom lids to give an avant garde finesse to it.  

The umbrella and magic wand are the perfect accessories to this collection.  Each magical in their own right.  The umbrella is the antithesis of gothic romance with an add flair of avant garde to give it that FineSmith feel. 

Overall, I am overwhelmed with the shear beautify of this collection.  The darkened metals intertwined with the metallic ringlets touches on the yin and yang feel that i get from F i n e S m i t h  lately.  I highly recommend that you go out there and get all twelve of these astounding pieces of the Noir Collection.  Even you man will be fashionable in his piece of F i n e S m i t h Jewelry.

J e w e l r y : Noir - blackLiquid Tokyoska Inspired Collection
M o d e l s : Taylor Wassep & Ru Larnia


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