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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcoming Gift from F i n e S m i t h

Hey Guys,

If you havent been living under a prim rock the last month or so; then you probably have heard that FineSmith Designs was moving from the Gulf Coast sim to the new sim, blackLiquid.  Which is owned by the one and only blackLiquid Tokyoska.

The new mainstore is SICKENING...It is modern and creative.  It is high-end.  It is F i n e S m i t h.  With this new move to blackLiquid, Yula graciously released a new outfit which includes a cute necklace.  

This is a whole outfit which includes the necklace and the dress.  This outfit is called "Anak".  Then necklace and the dress go hand and hand with the necklace having the similar shape and feel as the shoulderpads.  The dress portion of the outfit tiered to give it layers and depth which is totally FineSmith to do.

Please Please go and check out the new and improved F i n e S m i t h mainstore.  


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