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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yet Another New Release @ F i n e S m i t h

Hey Guys,

This is such an uber cute outfit form Yula Finesmith.  You can say it is the yang to the black outfit Yula Finesmith released for her store move the other day.  The two outfits have the same necklace, but one is obviously black and the other is white.

This outfit is called "Tornado", and it lives up to its name.  This dress is tatter in an elegant kind of way to give it the wind blown feel, just like if you were engulfed by a fierce avant grade tornado.  The sleeves on this dress mimic the sleeves from the Anak outfit, just in a more light and feminine way.  The dress would be perfect to make that all important "all eyes on you" moment when going to an event.


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