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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

CheerNo Femme Look

Hey Guys,

I think i have fallen in love with Avant Garde clothing again. So of course when I think of avant garde, i go to CheerNo. There I saw this theatrical shoulder-pads that have feathers on them. I really love how they kind of extend the clothing out and not just keeping everything in and tight. Next, the pants i saw after I saw the shoulder-pads. What i like about these pants is for one; their high waisted making it very fashion forward. Also there are wings that come off the thigh; again, extending out the pants. Finally, the shoes i luckily had them from a long time ago when CheerNo Femme first opened it's doors. The color does say Cod Gray, but their more black then any other color. I hope you enjoy this look and hopefully will go and get similar looks of your very own.

Shouldpads - [CheerNo FEMME] Lui .Feathers
Pants - [ CHEERNO FEMME[ Hyde Pants
High Heels - {CheerNo FEMME] Julia Shoes ( Cod Gray)

rah rah,

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