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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day

Hey Everyone,

Some of you may or may not know; but today is World AIDS Day. This day is to bring to the top all the issues dealing with HIV/AIDS. Millions of people every year are diagnosed with HIV and AIDS and this senseless disease can be stopped, simply by getting tested and using protection. So please, go to your local health clinic and get your test. If can be anonymous and confidential.

I would like to share with you my experience with HIV/AIDS. Last March, I got tested for HIV, I am happy to say I am negative, but the days leading up to the testing were the worst days of my life. I had to bear it alone, and I could really only tell a few people what I am going through. I remember my first appointment i was suppose to go to. I had to wake up at 9am to go. The night before I cried for a good 20 minutes by myself. I know this is gunna sound stupid, but all i listened to was Lady GaGa and kept asking why I have to go through this by myself. The next day came and I totally missed my appointment. So i called the clinic and got another appointment, this time after class a week later.

I made my way to the clinic, i can remember my heart was beating so fast as i got closer and closer to the clinic. I finally made it and i had to sign in. I had to fillout what my sexual orientation was and if I wanted this to go on my files or just give me a number to use. There were alot of women with babies and teenagers in the waiting room with me. I kind of felt out of place, just because I had never been to a free clinic before.

I got called back and went with this amazing woman. I forget her name, but I remember she said she like to say she was from brazil, but she was really from costa rica HAHA. She also acted kind of under the influence, but it she was still awesome and funny; she made the testing go so smoothly for me. I got the 10-15 minute testing, which is just as accurate as the week long testing. So i got my middle finger pricked and wait for what seemed to be years to hear that I was HIV negative. I hugged that woman and she gave me condoms LOL, i know that sounds weird, but they gave me two bags of free condoms. I walked out the door and called my best friends to tell them I was negative. It seriously was the greatest feeling in the world to know I was negative.

And I want all of you to know that same feeling by GETTING YOUR TEST.

rah rah,

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