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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

FINESMITH Inspiration Set: Aphrodite Brianna

Hey Guys,

So this is gonna be a change from what from my last couple (eleven) posts have been.  Yes, it is time to bring back the inspiration sets the FINESMITH started when she had her MUSE 2012 Contest.  This inspiration set belongs to the one and only goddess her, Aphrodite Brianna.

This eclectic set is something new that FINESMITH hasn't really release before.  The entire set reminds me of a speed skate racer.  I think it's because the helmet that rest upon your head.  Actually, this is one of my favorite pieces FINESMITH has release since the new year.Its something different and unique; and that is what I am all about.

Another pieces that i absolutely love would be the lip piercing.  This is new to FINESMITH as well in regard to lip piercings.  In addition to the lip piercing and the helmet; the duel earring, that i think look fierce when worn together, really around out the uniqueness and diversity this whole set has that hasn't been seen before.  

Of course, i couldn't make this an official FINESMITH blog post without commenting on the flour accents that FINESMITH jewelry has come to be known for and loved for.  You can see these accents in the earrings, bracelets, ring, collar, and neck piece. 


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