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Friday, January 6, 2012

MVW Jewelry from FINESMITH Part Nuef

Hey Guys,

For this Miss Virtual World installment, I have the pleasure of blogging Rissa Friller, Miss Australia's, Formal Jewelry Piece from FINESMITH.

Once again, Miss Australia is going with a tropical and Aussie color scheme with the green, red, and silver color pallet.  Both the necklace and bracelet have the swirling pieces, no doubt giving a nod to the fact that Australia is an island and therefore has waves.  Anyways, these swirling pieces are finished off with red adornments and a green band that wraps around under the swirls.  The necklace is asymmetrical with the swirls on the right side of the piece, unlike the bracelet, which is symmetrical.

To top off this set, there are a pair of floral red earrings that add the sense of the wilderness that Australia possess. There is also a matching ring piece that matches both the necklace and braclet. 

Overall, this set, in my option, does quiet the nice job protracting Australia in the nature sense of the place.  FINESMITH has done yet an another job with another Miss Virtual World Jewelry set.


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