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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Release from FINESMITH: Sense of Snow

Hey Guys,

Here is part one of a two part series of sense of...  The first one I will be blogging will be the Sense of Snow Outfit from FINESMITH

The sense of snow outfit is a breath-chilling outfit with the spherical elements dancing around the body like gems.  The outfit has this explosion of spheres around the upper legs that just seem to jet outward in a random order of things

The sphere seem to collimate at the waist were a mesh corset is worn to show of the tiny waist of anyone who wear this.  Then at the top, there seems to be an enlarged collar that makes you feel like you're the Ice Queen herself.

Overall, this Sense of Snow is such a beautiful piece of work.  It seems to hug ever inch of you body and shots outward like some kind of winter fantasy, but expressed in an outfit.  FINESMITH as released yet another grand piece.  Now only if things could get a bit warmer...


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