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Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Release from Deesse's Skins

Hey Guys,

I have the pleasure of blogging some new February limited edition skins from the very talented Natalie Wells, or just Natalie if you prefer.  She is the creator and CEO of Deesse's Skins and i had the chance to three of the new skins; Aylin, Angeline, and Mariah.

Each set of skins comes with four kinds of skins.  Then within each type of skin, it comes with either one with a hair base (HB) or one without a hair base.  Along with that choice, you have the option to wear a layer to give yourself cleavage or not.  

The skins, in my opinion, are very realistic and have a touch of color in all of them; well, besides the natural ones LOL.  

Overall, these are some awesome skins and are well worth the L$990 price tag.


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