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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

MVW Jewelry from FINESMITH Part Huit

Hey Guys,

I have the the pleasure to be able to bring you guys the formal jewelery worn by Falbala Fairey, Miss Germany.

This first picture has the front of the formal jewelry.  The piece to me that stands out would be the hips pieces that have a flour bouquet  on the left hip and have the stamen jetting out; kind of like a firework displace.  In addition to this hip piece, there is an accompaniment of a bracelet, matching earrings, and a necklace that concludes on the next picture.

This second picture shows of the back of this Miss Germany's formal jewelry set.  The necklace appears, in the front, to be just a simple necklace.  Little do some people know, once you turn around and show off the back, they will simply melt in their seats.  This extra long tail in the back of the necklace reaches almost to your waist.  There are simple little floral adornments all along the necklace itself and the tail.

Yula Finesmith really outdid herself when she crafted this set.  There is so much uniqueness to this set that it really is a show stopper and deserve to be shown to the public and worn with proud.


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