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Monday, January 2, 2012

MVW Jewelry from FINESMITH Part Sept

Hey Guys,

Seventh installment of the Miss Virtual World Jewelry pieces and sets from FINESMITH.  This set is called, Dornroeschen- MVW NATIONAL- MISS GERMANY.  Dornroeschen, in english, means Thorn Rose.  This seems to be Yula Finesmith signature style to name some of her pieces in different languages, but means all the same time.

This set comes from the one and only Falbala Fairey, Miss Germany.  It is said that this set is a culmination and inspiration from the Grimm Brother Fairy tails...which orginating from Germany.

This set comes with a necklace adorned with blue and silver flowers scattered about the necklace and a very ornate head piece.  Yula also brought the flowers down the body in a scatted pattern.  There is a large hair comb that has these protruding sections coming out at asymmetrical angles.  In addition to this comb, there is a kind of halo that is perched at an angle on your hair.  The combination of these three pieces in this set, is just beautiful and breath-taking.  I am in love with it haha.


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