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Thursday, July 21, 2011

55L Jewelry Set @ FineSmith

Hey Guys,

Now the set isn't exactly 55L for all three, it's more each jewelry piece is 55L; but this is still any AMAZING deal that is going on at FineSmtih Designs.  This beautifully crafted jewelry set is called "FineSmith Wild".  Each component of the Wild Set are purchased separately so you can buy what you what.  I love all three component so i had to buy each piece.

The first piece are the duel earrings.  I am digging the hoop action that is happening at FineSmith now.  You would understand if you jumped over there and saw all the hoop earrings over there for 55L also.  There is just something about hoops that make me feel WILD.  The necklace that this set has is beautiful crafted; it's still going on that hoop-esque fashion with the hoops melted together to make a swooping necklace.  The last component would be the bracelets that are on the right wrist.  There is indeed something wild about having multi-sized bracelets in this beautiful copper and red colors.

E a r r i n g s : FineSmith Wild Earrings
N e c k L a c e : FineSmith Wild Necklace
B r a c l e t : FineSmith Wild  Bracelet

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