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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diconay Set @ FineSmith Designs

Hello Everyone,

What a glorious day this is with a super new release from FineSmith Designs.  This time, the set is this gorgeous wooden and metal set inspired by the one and only; Diconay Boa.  The set is comprised of a set or earrings, the long necklace, and a right wristed bracelet.  The pare of earrings have a thin coupling of metals cascading down to this section that appears to be six to eight prongs shooting of of each side.  This is the constant that you can see throughout out entire set.  The necklace is in its own form, the same constant; but with a twist.  Instead of the necklace appearing just like the earrings; the necklace kind of looks like it was piece together our of order as to break up the repetitiveness and give the Diconay set a focal point.  Lastly, the bracelet has the same design as the earrings, but the constant piece seen throughout out the set is placed upon golden and brown bracelets; showing us that this set is both woodsy and chic.

Through it's original form; each piece is in the warm season colors of fall with the reds, golds, and browns.  There is a little added pop of color that Yula has been doing in the last couple of releases of aqua.  When you come to think of it, a lot of Miss Yula's release are very earthy, very BOHO chic, very inn right now.

The Diconay Inspiration Set comes with the full menu to change the colors of this set to your liking. 

H a i r : [LeLutka]-BREEZE ensemble GIFT
J e w e l r y  S e t : Diconay Inspiration Set
B i k i n i   w /   S a r o n g : [LeLutka]-BREEZE ensemble GIFT

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