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Monday, July 25, 2011

New Releases @ FineSmith

Hey Guys,

Here is a great new collection that is new at FineSmith.  It is called the "Charlotte Collection".  It is made up of eight different and beuitfuly made breaded necklaces that range from light colors to dark colors including black and white.  This beading just screams summer with the boho feel to them.  The length of these beautiful eight necklaces add to the eclectic nature of the summer feel since summer is easy and breezy.  

So if you are looking for some cute and chic beaded necklaces, look not further then FineSmith Designs.

T o p   R o w ,   L e f t   t o   R i g h t : FineSmith Charlotte beads- Tigereye, FineSmith Charlotte beads- Hematite, FineSmith Charlotte beads- Coral, FineSmith Charlotte beads- Onyx
S e c o n d   R o w ,   L e f t   t o   R i g h t : FineSmith Charlotte beads- Jade, FineSmith Charlotte beads- Quartz, FineSmith Charlotte beads- Amethyst,  FineSmith Charlotte beads- Brown Chrysoberyl

I'm As Free As My Hair,

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