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Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Outfits @ Vero Modero

Hey Guys,

What is there not to like about this grey and burgundy colored outfit.  The jacket is s throw-back to the aviator look with the burgundy tassels and the cut of the jacket itself.  The puffed pants just add to the modern look of the entire outfit and give it the little add touch of couture.  With the matching grey leggings under neither make this outfit more modest if needed.  All you need to do is remove them if you want to show off more legs...which i always do.

The overall look of this outfit is just avant grade and couture all in one.  The focal point of this outfit is obviously the grey roped wrapping around the torso of the outfit.  The wrapping looks to start at the left shoulder with the fringed appliqué that looks to skew to the torso where the main wrapping is.  The wrapping ends with a fringe section at the right hip.  Under this amazing wrapping a puffed dark grey short adds to the couture of the look.

F i r s t   O u t f i t : VERO MODERO / Aviator Grey
S e c o n d   O u t f i t :VERO MODERO / Yasmine Set

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